About Us

Hi, I'm Fabi and I have been teaching English at schools and universities for over 15 years.


Part of my experience is from working at Cultura Inglesa in Brazil, but most of my experience has been in Australia, where I worked for Langports English College for 7 years, and at the University of Queensland. I have been teaching online since 2016, helping people with different goals, such as General English, and the PTE exam, but the majority have been people doing the IELTS exam.

Why Fabi English?


Fabi English started with my desire to share my knowledge not only with the people who are in the same city as me but also with people who live in other places all around the world.


Because of that, I saw the need to bring my real-world teaching experience to the online world, and help as many people as I can!

If you have seen any of my lessons, either pre-recorded or Live on YouTube or Zoom, you probably noticed how passionate I am about teaching. I believe that my passion is contagious, and that is why, during my lessons, I try to share that with my students.


Are you ready to share this passion and get the score you need on the IELTS Exam?


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